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Concrete replacement is often preferred to concrete repair when there is significant damage to the structure of the slab, extensive wear and tear on the concrete surface itself, or when the concrete slab has reached its age limit. All of these factors can reduce the overall endurance of the structure and in these situations, concrete slabs should be replaced in their entirety for optimal long-term durability. In most cases, concrete replacement services are used for loading docks, elevator pits, or re-patching concrete slabs after electrical and plumbing are placed throughout the building.

At David Waters & Son Inc. we are known for our multifaceted skill set and flexibility.

Our concrete replacement services are no different; we are able to do the entire job swiftly and reliably. For concrete structures, we can take care of all necessary concrete cutting, excavating and replacement, and refer a professional masonry specialist for any masonry fixtures that need additional assistance. We are renowned for our ability to accurately backfill to 95% compaction before putting the concrete floor back together, a skill that few replacement contractors have perfected.

We use a stylized electric power buggy to lay down concrete for replacement. Our electric power buggy can hold 1/2 yards and work quietly while emitting no fumes. The simplicity of the control panel enables customized and comfortable operation, and our trained technicians are experts in maneuvering the unit. Designed specifically for heavy duty work, the power buggy is intuitively equipped with excellent traction, high-efficiency hydraulic motors for fastidious braking and speed, and a foot-operated dump lever to allow technicians full usage of their hands at all times. The power buggy does not release any fumes or emissions, making it ideal for indoor operations. Even if the building has existing tenants, our equipment allows for safe, timely, and accurate work without disruption.

Our technicians are accomplished installers who can quickly remove damaged concrete and replace it with a fresh, long-lasting slab.

Our focus on the footers and foundation of the structure guarantee an enduring building that can withstand changes and damages for long periods of time. The durability of replacement slabs is paramount to retaining the quality of concrete structures for years to come, and we guarantee that all replacements are structurally sound and stable.

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