Core Drilling

Expert Core Drilling Services

Quality core drilling requires precision, efficiency, and specialized expertise -- and at David Waters & Son Inc., we’ve established ourselves as leaders in the selective demolition industry who enact every project with these expectations in mind.

We are often recruited for core drilling jobs such as:

  • building structures, such as walls, ceilings, and floors, for electrical services, heating facilities, and air conditioning facilities
  • piping structures for plumbing adjustments
  • routing for data lines, cabling, conduit pipes, and wires

Our expertly trained core drilling team has extensive experience drilling exact holes of varying sizes and specifications.

The high-cycle technology of our hydraulic drills enable precise holes ranging from ½ inch diameter holes to 36” diameter holes -- up to three feet in diameter! Our specialized drills can create holes of various diameters and at unusual angles through a wide variety of materials and surfaces including granite stone, reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, marble, and brick. Our top-of-the-line drills can maneuver through these surfaces cleanly and quickly. When we core down into the aggregate, our technicians are prepared with reliable ways to catch the material underneath.

General contractors, mechanical contractors, and demolition industry experts have come to know us for our ability to efficiently drill multiple holes through almost any surface material regardless of location and difficulty. When faced with a sensitive job site near operational buildings or occupied facilities, our technicians are able to work carefully and cleanly with minimal disruption and in swift succession. We exceed professional expectations in core drilling for construction sites, and we can expertly maneuver exact holes of complex shapes in tight spaces and emergency situations. Our top-of-the-line drills are designed to fit into confined areas and do not release vibration, dust, or fumes.

Contact us today to learn more about how our skilled technicians can drill precise holes of limitless diameter into aggregates of all materials.

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