Economically Friendly Exavation Services

At David Waters & Son Inc., we value our clients’ diverse needs and aim to exceed the expectations of every contractor we work with. Unlike other concrete cutters, we offer full excavation services for plumbers, electricians, and indoor contractors who need excavations for slab sawing projects. We aim to ensure the optimal condition of project sites that may be damaged, left uneven after prior work with other companies, or simply inaccessible or unaccommodating for electricians and plumbers.

One of the most difficult aspects of industrial excavation is managing to effectively extract different materials and composites from remote or dangerous places without releasing toxic fumes. Our machines are equipped with air-purifying scrubbers to reduce the emission of fumes into the surrounding areas. They also have large built-in fans for cross ventilation purposes, which help keep CO2 levels down. In our advanced equipment arsenal we also carry a specialized electric excavator to work inside zero tolerance zones where no toxic fumes can be released at all. David Waters & Son Inc. has five excavators in total, including our electricity-powered unit.

Due to the challenging nature of this type of work, we take the utmost precaution when working on an excavation project.

Our technicians are highly skilled, meticulously trained professionals who have familiarized themselves with all equipment and operational protocols. Our specialized machines are well maintained to ensure proper safety measures, with added flexibility to ensure proper safety measures; we strive to have our employees not have to touch anything by hand.

Our reputation as trustworthy professionals who go beyond client expectations has followed us across every project the company undertakes. We are known for our willingness to tackle projects regardless of their difficulty, and offer a wider range of services than most concrete cutters and coring specialists in the area – and clean, quality excavation is certainly something that we are proud to offer our project partners.

Contact us today to learn more about how our special excavation services for electricians, plumbers, and indoor slab sawing contractors can maximize the effectiveness of your project.

What Our Clients Say

“Dave, I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done for ECPH over the last 20 + years we have been in business. You're always accommodating and you and your employees always go the extra mile on every job we have asked you to do. We always recommend your company to all our clients and have never heard anything negative from them concerning your cost or your crew. In a climate like ours and the demands of customers, you always meet the mark and exceed the expectations of us and our clients. Keep doing what you’re doing, DW & Son is a asset to everyone in the Tri-State area. ”

- John Gabrielli
Vice President, East Coast Plumbing

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