Masonry Replacement

Expert Replacement of Damanged Masonry

Penetrating existing masonry walls is a complex process that requires skill and precision, especially if the openings are wide. Preserving the integrity of the building and avoiding any damage to the interior is our priority at David Waters & Son Inc.

Our knowledgeable team of expert contractors know how to properly handle damaged masonry surrounding door and window openings.

Putting in new masonry is an incredibly delicate process, which is why we have specialized technicians who know how to handle these jobs with precision and precaution. We cut out the damaged masonry and do extensive repair work around the opening. From there, we are able to cut the door or window in need of the repair, and replace the steel.

In many cases, damage is severe enough to require overhead reinforcement. This mandates the installation of steel and masonry support beams or external piers. During these complex circumstances, our contractors are able to find matching blocks of the same material in order to ensure the highest quality replacement. This requires our team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of materials before choosing the best replacement blocks.

With the use of concrete saws and ring saws, we are able to cut through masonry with accuracy and ease.

The hydraulic ring saw is disc-shaped, where the blade rotates to allow maximum cutting depth, and provides flexible maneuverability and clean cutting. All of our contractors are familiar with the utility of our saws and can perform versatile masonry replacement projects without disrupting the structure. Unlike other contractors in our industry, we do it all.

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