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Rock splitting is an alternative technique used to split extremely thick concrete and rock surfaces. David Waters & Son Inc. is the only concrete cutting and coring contractor to offer comprehensive rock splitting services to the tri-state area. Our professional rock splitting techniques are often used when general contractors need to remove exceptionally dense concrete and in confined space.

Rock splitting ensures the breakdown of concrete for removal as quickly as several seconds, which increases overall productivity at the jobsite. Even large segments of concrete can be broken down quickly and cleanly. The hydraulic machine is engineered for heavy duty operations and can split through layers of rock, concrete walls, floor slabs and foundations, pre-cast and reinforced concrete, brick walls, tunneling, and retaining walls in impressive time.

Our technicians use the Darda Rock Splitter, a durable and powerful hydraulic unit that guarantees prompt and accurate execution.

The splitter is adaptable and capable of doing challenging maneuvers by hand at up to 380 tons of splitting force without relying on a bulky machine. The splitter is designed to prevail through areas with limited or difficult access and is easily handled in confined spaces. Because it works without any vibration or blasting, it can accommodate even the most restrictive jobsite requirements and regulations. The optimized ratio between the immense splitting force and reduced weight of the aggregate is ideal for industrial and commercial demolition and renovation projects.

The use of a hydraulic rock splitter ensures swift, controlled demolition.

The flexibility of the machine allows for section splitting of all sizes while eliminating shocks, vibrations, and exhaust fumes that are often the result of large impact machinery. Depending on the conditions of the job, the rock splitter can utilize three types of power units for its hydraulic pump: air, gas, and electric. Our units are powered by electricity and are recommended for indoor jobs because they can maintain the integrity of the structure, release no exhaust gases, and are quiet and non-disruptive to any occupied areas.

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