Our company safety standards

At David Waters & Son Inc., we are committed to providing exemplary service to clients while emphasizing paramount safety practices for our site personnel. The nature of our work involves some risk, but we take every precaution to ensure the health and welfare of our contractors and project partners. We value the integrity of all property we work at and take the utmost care to ensure the least amount of tenant disruption and structural interference.

Our personnel are fastidiously trained professionals who have been in the industry for many years. Many of our contractors have been with us for over a decade, so our entire team is proficient at their craft. We do not send our contractors to job sites unless we are confident that they will be qualified leaders in professionalism and safety. Due to our exemplary safety standards and professionalism, we are trusted to work on some of the strictest and most delicate job sites.

In addition to the diverse backgrounds and honed skill and expertise of all personnel, we require our employees to meet and exceed all David Waters & Son Inc. safety standards:


All new employees must partake in rigorous safety training upon hire. After initial instruction, all technicians receive continuous training throughout their tenure regarding safety protocols, risk assessment, equipment operations, and all other safety measures implemented by our company.


In addition to extensive background checks for new hires, David Waters & Son Inc. mandates regular drug testing for all employees. Drug tests are administered at random.


Our exceptional safety record has resulted in an excellent Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) score. We are proud to reach a score that is consistently higher than the industry standard, as it shows our commitment to the safety and wellness of our contractors and project partners.


All project supervisors have completed the OSHA 30-hour training in occupational health and safety. Regular field technicians are currently in rotation to attend the training, so all field operators will be OSHA 30 hour Certified. As discussed in the curriculum, our technicians understand all mandated safety regulations and know how to respond in dangerous situations.

All of our safety standards and regulations are outlined in our up-to-date employee handbook. Digital copies are available upon request.

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