Wall Sawing

Our expert wall sawing services are customizable to your specifications and always end with a clean finish to minimize inconvenience at your jobsite. Our high-cycle, electric-powered wall saws are designed to cut through pre-cast and reinforced concrete while creating smooth openings of any size, shape, or angle through a variety of surfaces.

Slab Sawing

Our non-disruptive slab sawing technicians specialize in cutting flat, horizontal surfaces, often in compact or restrictive spaces. Reducing the need for extensive cleanup and eliminating major disturbances, our variety of slab sawing techniques are the perfect solution for your jobsite.

Core Drilling

Our professional staff are experts at drilling precise holes of various sizes, angles, and specifications to meet the needs of even the most complex core drilling project. Our top-of-the-line hydraulic and high-cycle drills can create holes through a variety of materials and surfaces to ensure clean and smooth results.


You can count on us to provide safe, reliable industrial excavation to effectively extract a variety of composites from your construction site. Our up-to-date machines lessens the release of toxic fumes and are equipped with purification and ventilation technology to maintain the safety standards of your jobsite.

Rock Splitting

Our team of trained experts utilize high-pressure hydraulic rock splitters to extract particularly dense concrete and rock in order to reach a restricted or confined space without disruptive vibration, blasting, or exhaust fumes. We are able to perform quick maneuvers to provide a productive and impressive result for your project.

Concrete Replacement

For larger interior concrete replacement, David Waters & Son has a unique 1/2 yard electric power buggy that can work quietly and with no fumes. We also have buggies equipped with scrubbers and are skilled at concrete pumping. Whether we are pouring new footings, equipment pads, sidewalks or slabs we can get it done in the most challenging situations.

Masonry Replacement

Damaged masonry can worsen and significantly compromise the integrity of your building if left without treatment. Keeping in mind the delicacy of putting in new masonry, our professional installers are proficient in handling cracked or broken masonry surrounding the windows and doors of your structure with care and precision.

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