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Slab sawing is a common form of selective demolition, used to make precise openings in small spaces for renovations and alterations. Slab sawing, known as “flat sawing” in other regions, is nicknamed for its ability to cut through “slabs” of horizontal concrete installations. Effective slab sawing reduces the need for jackhammering and other more disruptive forms of concrete demolition while eliminating extensive cleanup.

David Waters & Son Inc. carries a fleet of high-powered electric saws, including specialized equipment for confined indoor spaces. Our advanced technology allows for exact cuts in structural steel, pre-cast and reinforced concrete, and asphalt. For interior work we use we use all-electric saws with superior blades and the highest possible horsepower without being cumbersome to use in confined areas. Our slab saws can cut up to 18” deep, ensuring the most efficient cuts possible with current technology. We are committed to providing the most economical and conscious services possible, and our all-electric equipment ensures that no dust or fumes are released into the air.

Our technicians are specially trained professionals who have mastered working with slab saws in difficult situations. We are known for our ability to make precise cuts into steel, concrete, and asphalt while project partners prepare for and sustain structural alterations, renovations, and additions. Our expert slab sawing techniques are often used to cut flat, horizontal surfaces, floors and slabs, elevated decks, and foundations. We have helped various construction agencies cut reinforced concrete floors, trench openings for installing utility lines, repair damaged or cracked floors and foundations, and create openings for elevator shafts, staircases, and ducts. We specialize in small, interior spaces, and our skilled technicians are able to work in operating rooms as well as unoccupied areas -- we are flexible and able to work in complex facilities.

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