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Vertical surfaces, horizontal surfaces - we do it all

David Waters & Son Inc. are leaders in the selective demolition industry and our skilled technicians have been cutting heavily reinforced concrete for construction and mechanical contractors for over two decades. We have mastered the most efficient cutting techniques and, equipped with our high-cycle technology wall saw system, we are able to create openings of any size, shape, angle and specification. Vertical surfaces, horizontal surfaces, round surfaces -- we can do it all.

Our technicians use the Hydrostress® WSE2226 Wall Saw System, which is the newest technology in the field with the largest diameter range currently available. With its built-in safety clutch for improved protection and all-electric power system, making it lighter and quicker than its competitors, the Hydrostress Wall Saw System is the most innovative wall sawing system in the industry.

The complex blade guard is capable of performing multiple types of cuts all in one for a more cohesive opening.

Our saws have diverse blade sizes up to 86” and various cutting depth options from ½ inch to 36”. Due to the advanced technology of our wall saws and the assiduous precision of our technicians, we are flexible and able to overcome any jobsite limitations. We welcome projects that take place in restricted and confined spaces with all levels of accessibility. The Hydrostress Wall Saw System is relatively quiet, making it ideal for jobsites with noise restrictions, and preserves air quality against contamination by reducing dust, fume, and vibration emissions. The non-explosive and non-destructive nature of this wall saw system allows for carefully controlled demolition.

Our wall sawing services are always done to your specifications and leaves a smooth finish to prevent any compromising structural nuances. Many general and commercial contractors have chosen David Waters & Son Inc. as their wall sawing contractor of choice due to our ability to accurately cut through pre-cast and reinforced concrete. Our technicians are experts in creating clean openings for stairways, elevator shafts, duct openings, and door jams.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality wall sawing system and how we skillfully cut through concrete to ensure the best possible results for your structure.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been doing work with Dave Water’s and his company for many years. There is nobody I trust more when it comes to getting critical sawcutting done that is done right the first time. He plans every cut and core with precision and never leaves behind a mess. Thanks Dave for being there whenever we need you especially in a pinch.”

- Mike Petka
VP Preconstruction, Bancroft Construction Company

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